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Danielle Widmann, MHC


Eating Disorder Associates


Danielle has been working at Eating Disorder Associates since 2018, providing therapy to those

struggling with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma, and other life stressors. She uses

an integrative approach of psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT),

dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and mindfulness. She is also trained in Eye movement

desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy.

Through her time and work together with you as our client, Danielle will provide an empathic, warm, and non- judgmental environment where you can comfortably explore your inner authentic self and identify your treatment goals. In working together, Danielle's goal is to help you meet your goals, and to change any behavior patterns that may contribute to your unwanted symptoms.

She has a great passion for providing support to those overcoming their eating disorder.

Danielle Widmann Therapist MHC
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