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Compulsive Exercise

Usually, compulsive exercising is associated with either Anorexia or Bulimia (non-purging type) and is accompanied with a number of physical risks.

Compulsive exercising when associated with an eating disorder, can lead to serious physical injury and even death. Two common signs you will see when exercise has become compulsive includes: when an individual will exercise at any cost and that an individual will only eat if they can exercise.

Exercising beyond the point of a healthy activity can become harmful and brings on a variety of physical risks. Some of these risks include dehydration, stress fractures in bones, the development of osteoporosis or brittle bones, arthritis, the loss of the menstrual cycle and associated reproductive problems and risk to the heart muscles.

If you feel you are a compulsive exerciser or a loved one is showing signs of compulsive exercising, please call, we can help. Call us at (631) 724-7152 or leave your name, email and message in the contact section below.

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